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Good Street Furniture Makes a City Look Clean and Fashionable

One the arrival to a new city before he visits some house a person acquires an impression of the city by paying attention to such things as benches, litter bins and sculptures. He walks along a couple of streets and sees some trash bin, sculpture or bench and he is sure to think, “What a beautiful and well-trimmed city!” because the charm of any city is built by many factors, such as greenery, architecture of buildings, their colour, pavements, lightning and of course street furniture – outdoor seats, benches, bus shelters, waste bins, etc.

Once you visit Barcelona where each street seat is a genuine piece of art you will never forget this wonderful city: architect Gaudi spent a large part of his talent on decoration of the city. So, each bench, litter bin, fountain, bus shelter or lantern is a characteristic trait of the city. As a rule, the first opinion remains for a long time or even forever. That is why the product range manufactured by Future City Limited brings a large contribution into creation of unique appearance of a city and constitutes a considerable part of the city architecture.

Each bench , park seat or litter bin that we manufacture is made taking into account various modern requirements to city street furniture . Safety, conformity with the surrounding architecture and landscape design, aesthetic attraction, durability, easy installation or substitution of broken parts, non-toxic materials, comfortable use – all these peculiarities determine the production of street furniture in a special way. And any furniture element that Future City Limited produces surely meets these requirements. With the use of Future City Limited street furniture a city changes and acquires a very fashionable and trimmed appearance.

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